Intuitive Angel Session

Rev. Jinger works in unison with the Archangels and goddess energies in service to humanity. Using her Clair gifts, she will tune into your energy field to find blocks or disturbances. She calls on the name of Jesus, the master healer, to receive inspiration to guide you in your quest for holistic healing.  The Archangels and your guides will offer messages for guidance and inspiration.

Jinger is a fifth-generation clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognizant. She learned from her ancestors, a Native American Choctaw Indian grandmother, Reiki energy therapy and present-day training in Spiritual Arts. Schedule an appointment with Jinger, the Angelic Realm and a host of saints to assist you in your life’s journey. Angel card readings and goddess card readings are also available.



Spiritual Counseling

Life rarely turns out the way you had in mind.  Over time, the wear and tear of life will take its toll on your body and your hopes and dreams. It’s not uncommon for a sensitive person to want to help. Unknowingly, you may take on the emotions of an unstable family member or friend. It’s time to let all that go. These sessions are about awareness, not blame. The session will hold space for you to choose to grow and heal, discover your team in spirit and release what no longer serves you.

As an empath, Jinger relies on the Holy Spirit to support this space for healing, and prayers for mercy, compassion, and direction for the session. It is an honor for her to help you find your voice and do your work. It is her keen desire for you to experience the abundance that life has to offer.



Numerology Session

Your full birthday numbers calculate your life purpose number. This combination of numbers gives you keen insight into your main point of learning on the earth plane. It provides a guide about you being on your life purpose path and directs you toward your natural talents and abilities. Understanding your numbers is not only interesting but extremely helpful. The numbers are everywhere!

Jinger will calculate your life purpose number. Then, in meditation, she will receive a message specifically for you. She will email an explanation of your life purpose number/s and the revelation of your message from Higher Guidance. Her clients have expressed appreciation for these emails because it allows them to refer back to the information in the message.


Clearing the Obstacles

Before it affected your body, it was in your energy field. Energy blocks and corresponding emotions are found in the aura or energy field around the body.  Your body’s energy centers (chakras) associate with special aspects of human awareness. Blocks in any of these centers can cause undue stress and anxiety. Jinger utilizes her Clair gifts to locate and provide insights on energetic imbalances. She is guided by the Archangels to the location to relieve the disturbance in your field.

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Making the Connection

Rev. Jinger calls on her life experiences, her training as an Ordained Minister and formal education in psychology. She is Certified in Intuitive Communication, Angel Whispers through the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts. She is a Certified Channel with The Spirit School and a Usui Reiki Master Energy Practitioner.

Sessions and Messages can be received, by phone, text or email. Jinger specializes in receiving messages from an individual’s higher self, spirit guides, goddesses, ascended masters and the Archangels.

***You also have the option to schedule an angel card reading or a goddess card reading.


Next Steps...

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