Spirit Sessions

Healing begins by dissolving the veil between the spiritual and the material world. Jinger and her team in spirit along with your guides will offer you messages. When asked, a heavenly host of Archangels, guides and goddesses come forward to help you navigate and to assist you. Jinger respectfully calls her team in spirit, “Higher Guidance,” and often works with the energy of Archangel Gabrielle, the messenger angel in the Bible. This session can light the way for growth in spirit and fulfillment in your life.

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Spiritual Counseling

Your gifts and anointing will take you places your mind is not ready for. Rev. Jinger’s ordination in 2000 resulted in dedicating her life to helping individuals access their Inner Wisdom. Her ministry creates a sacred space for your healing, discovering your voice and connecting with your team in spirit. She offers a warm and gentle invitation to grow in spirit, for compassionate understanding and to access your natural state of well-being. The miracle is you. After all, “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” –C.G.Jung

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Numerology Sessions

Your numbers and every cell in your body have an intimate relationship with the creator. Jinger will take you on a beautiful journey into the sacred meaning of your life purpose numbers. There are amazing aspects of your unique birth code that creates this life purpose number. Also fascinating is to learn the positive and shadow side of the numbers. Numerology sessions unlock the secrets of your birth promise, gifts, personality and much more. It is a guide to an ancient art that contributes to the understanding of your success in life.

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Awaken Your Energy, Awaken Your Life

In our culture many have lost contact with their intuition. It's easy to get caught up in the relentless pursuit of survival and ignore your most precious gift, your inner being. Currently, there are many celestial shifts taking place. When someone is out of touch with their inner being, it can cause confusion, a feeling of being lost and being unusually emotional.  Multitudes are finding their voice again, their purpose and their direction. Life is not slowing down, however, you can learn to navigate it with EASE. On earth, as it is heaven, with love, you are called to awaken your energy. to awaken your life.


Many have benefited from this soft awakening, to learn how to use their energy and find fulfillment in their lives. As daily life gets more intense, many have looked for answers to these burning questions:
  • Why do I feel so alone?
  • Who are my spirit guides?
  • Who are the angels here with me?
  • Who are the goddesses who want to reintroduce me to the Divine Feminine?
  • What are my true soul gifts and what gives me ultimate happiness?
  • Where and why did I lose my motivation and imagination?
  • Why am I here and what is my life purpose?
Perhaps you have not fully embraced your gift/s. You may be missing a part, even a small part that's an important component in your creative life’s work. This is the place where your desire for a spiritual awakening meets Jinger's education, experience, resources, gifts and Divine inspiration to help you find your voice in a new and sometimes chaotic world.


Next Steps...

Are you ready for “MORE?” The angels and goddess are ready for “YOU.”

Jinger, the angels and her team in Spirit would be honored to work with you. Schedule now!